[CLOSED]Sassy Money Grant Application Fall 2019 (Digital Download)

[CLOSED]Sassy Money Grant Application Fall 2019 (Digital Download)

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Is writing your passion? Something you have been doing for a short while or even a long time? It doesn't matter how long. What does matter is the way it feels when the story is flowing through your veins, formulating into something that is going to captivate your reader. A literary rollercoaster designed to take them on a ride!

That is all that matters.

I didn't decide to be a writer, the pen chose me, and I couldn't be happier. However, I also know that creative flow requires some financial backing. Are you working on a new project? Looking to have it formatted? Or perhaps you could use a year's worth of Grammarly or 6 months worth of Canva paid to create your cover and promotional graphics?

Either way, we want to help contribute to your Dream Fund!

Applications are now being accepted for the 2019 Fall Grant. Fees are $5. Submissions for Fall 2019 close October 12, 2019. The grant recipient will be notified by October 29, 2019.

Award amount: $100