Dear Infatuated eBook (Digital Download)

The Sassy Writer

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Dear Infatuated eBook (Digital Download)
After leaving her small hometown in Mississippi to chase her dreams in New York, Lyric Ali finds that the vision in her head is not the reality right in front of her. This changes after an open mic showcase win at a popular nightclub, owned by infamous, yet charming Businessman, Russ Prozay, put her on the radar. 

She’s not satisfied with just being known. She wants the spotlight. Russ owns the spotlight, but there is one small problem, Russ’ current lady, Rayna Devoe and she isn’t leaving without a fight.

In the quest to be at center stage Lyric discovers two things: One, she’d do things she never imagined and two the dirty little secret of her past has come to haunt her.